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It’s 1989 and the deep south is buzzing with the hint of the Persian Gulf War. Two
eccentric jazz musicians meet - one a Jewish piano player named Slash Coleman and
the other a Pentecostal saxophonist named Mark Jamison. Fueled by a series of
mysterious prophesies, a stash of dehydrated diet food and bonding over the unique
rituals of music and their perspective religions, the two young musicians take a
musical tour of the south and become fast friends.

Slowly overwhelmed by the limitations of the south and haunted by his mother’s tales
of the Holocaust , Coleman embarks on a lone artistic journey. From a fisherman in
Alaska to a massage therapist in Oregon, his globe trotting will take him through 134
day jobs, 117 apartments and 68 failed relationships in 8 different states in 2 different
countries. All the while, Jamison, turning his creative energies toward neon, will remain
his best friend in Virginia - his North Star back home.

Nearly twenty years later, with their marriages turned toward divorce, the friends turn
toward a collaboration that will bring Coleman back home when the unthinkable
happens. Jamison is electrocuted in an work accident, leaving Coleman more lost than
ever. Looking for a sense of direction, Coleman returns home and learns the girl
Jamison loved is pregnant with his child. In his effort to create a care package for
Jamison’s son, Coleman creates, “The Neon Man and Me” - seven stories about
friendship told by 30 characters, and an original score that Coleman plays on his guitar.
"Good Off-Beat Company!"
- The Washington Post
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